Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Hours Policy

  • INTROS: No Hours Required

  • 1st Year Mite Families - 4 Hours of Tournament Shifts

  • All Returning Families with 1 Skater: 10 hours

  • All Returning Families with Multiple Skaters: 12 Hours

It is your responsibility to seek volunteer opportunities or select the buyout option described below which is only available at the time of registration. There is no pro-rata calculation. If all required hours are not fulfilled, the $500 deposit will be due in full.


-The hockey volunteer season runs May 1st - April 30th.

-Each family is required to fulfill the required hours or they will have the option to buyout their volunteer hours

-Buyout is $500 per skater or a max of $1000 per family which must be selected at the time of registration.

*Please keep in mind that the goal of the Volunteer Policy is to distribute the huge workload among all of the RWAHA families and is not intended as a fundraiser.

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